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Shop using AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate .5% to MSANJ
If you are interested in supporting the work of MSA NJ,
there are many ways you can help.


Monetary donations help us to meet our goals to host support sessions, educational conferences, and awareness/fundraising activities. All donations are tax deductible under IRS Code 501(c)(3).

  • General Donations may be made at any time to support our efforts.
  • Recognition Donations may be made in honor of someone currently battling MSA. Consider doing so in honor of a loved one.
  • Memorial Donations may be made in memory of someone lost to MSA. Consider listing MSA NJ as an option for those who wish to pay final respects to your loved one.
  • Annual Donations can be made in order to provide recurring income for MSA NJ, enabling us to effectively plan in advance in accordance with our budget. The end of the year, in time for tax deductions, might be a good time to schedule an annual donation.


Become a Champion or Sponsor

Consider making a large donation in the form of goods or funds, particularly if you run a business. Become an annual or event sponsor. Commit to a recurring donation. Committed support helps MSA NJ to operate efficiently.


Community Closet

If you have equipment or supplies that may help someone currently battling MSA, who may benefit from these goods, please post your item and description at our site. Patients and caregivers who need help check this resource. The page is intended to facilitate exchange. Please be sure donated items are in good condition. MSA NJ does not guarantee the goods or in any way take responsibility for them.

Community Closet

Goods & Services

Donate new goods or gift cards for use in raffles, silent auctions, etc. Share our information with business, particularly those with whom you may have a friendly or long-term relationship so they may consider donating to support our cause, or becoming an event sponsor.

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Remember MSA NJ for organization and personal fundraising activities. Doing so not only raises funds, it helps to generate awareness. Perhaps you are a member of an organization that runs fundraising events, maybe your children or grandchildren are members of clubs, sororities, or fraternities, or perhaps you participate in marathons – if so, consider MSA NJ as a recipient of funds and let us know in advance to register as an eligible club or marathon charity as needed. If you are connected to a foundation, consider recommending MSA NJ as a charity recipient.

Crowdrise Fundraising

Host a Crowdrise fundraising event for MSA NJ. Crowdrise is an online fundraising tool to help you raise money to support your cause. Perhaps do so in March for MSA Awareness Month, or in October for World MSA Day, when you are first diagnosed to initiative awareness and support from family and friends, or just because!


Shop Amazon

If you shop at Amazon, use AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate .5% to MSANJ as long as you select MSA NJ as your designated charity. Though only a small amount for each purchase, it can add up, especially if you are sure your family and friends all know and do the same!


Attend and Support MSA NJ Sponsored Events

Much work goes into planning events, and there are costs as well. MSA NJ does so for awareness and fundraising (to finance constituent activities and research). To be successful, these events need your support. Attend if you can, please! Share information with family and friends who can attend in honor of your battle with MSA. Donations are great, but turning out in numbers not only generates funds, it makes a statement that the MSA community is strong, which certainly helps when seeking sponsors, media attention, and legislative action.


Like us on Facebook & Share MSA NJ Posts

Help spread the word! The more “likes” MSA NJ has, the easier it is to obtain backing for our projects, showing there is a substantial community in need and in support of this cause. It really can make a difference. Encourage family and friends to like our page, share our posts and urge others to do the same. It helps to grow our community and our efforts, spreading awareness at the same time.


Share Ideas

If you have ideas for activities, locations for support group meetings, speakers for events, etc., please let us know. There is a place to submit your comments and questions at our website so please do so. We want to hear from you.

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We need reliable volunteers to help achieve our mission. If you believe you have the time and interest in working with MSA NJ, and can really commit to doing so, please let us know. We need help with social media posts, fundraising, secretarial duties, and periodic help with events. The more hands on board, the more we can do!