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We founded MSA NJ to help others who are facing the journey we faced in our mom’s battle with MSA.

In 2004, our mother, Dolores Roemer, developed symptoms that appeared similar to those common to Parkinsons Disease. She was diagnosed with another neurological disorder. Suspecting misdiagnosis, we began the journey to learn the cause of our once vibrant mother’s rapid decline.

Once correctly diagnosed, we faced a medical system that was ill-equipped to treat her. Many members of the medical community had never heard of MSA. Records and MSA information were constant companions, in a folder on every outing in case of an emergency. Insurance would limit treatment due to insufficient progress according to normal standards, although clearly treatment was helping. Professionals advised us to ‘put Mom in a home’ (we never did). Hungry for information, we surfed the Internet, searched for answers, and questioned relentlessly.

Ultimately, we found a team of compassionate doctors and therapists who did their best to treat the symptoms of a disease that would not quit. We were also fortunate enough to find caregivers that loved our mom like one of her own, giving us peace of mind when unable to be with her ourselves.

Finally, on Mother’s Day of 2009, she lost her battle to MSA. And now, the war is on, and we intend to fight the enemy that took our mother.